Latest motivational quotes of 2019

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Successful people have only 2 things on their lips SILENCE AND SMILE. Latest quotes 2019.

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Firstly, the only ultimate motive of human these days is to reach there goals and like wise people are reaching there.

But behind the success if they look back, they will not only see their footprints but also their values and character. Somewhere far waitingfor them to collect it back.

When you dream for something, to make it a reality never miss you values and character or try to be better.

If your success is in such manner then it is real if not, you lost something to gain other.

Being addicted to success is dangerous so, sometimes to save your values and character, accept the failure. It is more worth.

People say that silence is the key to success, but sometimes silence drags you towards failure because history speaks only about speakers, not listeners.

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Not only silence but also smile is not the key to success. In some cases you are not required to smile and if you smile your work may be in danger.

So I say that success has no particular key but is a variable lock whose key changes accordingly. Keep working hard because it is the master key. Obey the advice to be in gain.

Silence and smile are not the keys to success but after success these to things paly a crucial role.

Now coming to arrogance, most people in the community adopt arrogance after success. Being true, society doesn’t matter the success of such people.

Lastly we would like to wish you ALL THE BEST for ur hard work and struggle for the success.

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