YESTERDAY motivational quotes 2019

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Firstly, Let your yesterday leave you alnoe but never be alone waiting for the future. This means a lot.

The most liked motivational quote of the day is in display only for the people who search for motivation.

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The great Buddha once said, “The secrets of body and mind health do not complain about the past, do not worry about the future and live wisely and firmly at that time.”

Unfortunately, people today do not always respond to these words. People usually dislike chaos and tissue destruction in any form.

People say they want to plan ahead and look into the past to avoid mistakes in the future. Or the future is a problem.

When we think about past events and think about them, we can not go on, and we start talking and controlling in everyday life.

Thoughts about the future do not have much impact, but they cause stress, which helps mental and physical health.

Life goes so fast that I don’t worry about the past or the future. In the end, be true to the present, because you may be sorry in your life.

If you always plan and plan your work tomorrow, you can do what you planned yesterday. In other words, it means living tomorrow, even if we do not live today.

People who do not live today are not far away. From time to time past lives have gone, but there are people who cannot establish the past and therefore are under their control.

Usually ordinary people leave the past, but they may feel spoiled or condemned from the past because of what happened in the past.


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